Wife Is Upset That Husband Uses His Ex's Name As Password

A woman recently wrote into "The Guardian’s" Eleanor Gordon-Smith about the big issue she's having in her relationship. She recently discovered her husband was using his ex’s name for his password. She then confronted him about it and a fight broke out.

She says she is “heartbroken,” and asked for advice on what to do. Eleanor suggests she “approach him with total vulnerability about the fears this lays you open to," adding, "Only you know if your husband will step up.” She encourages the writer not to speak to him like she’s controlling him, but rather really express how she feels. She also notes that while the woman may feel like this is a betrayal, the husband may just think of his ex as a relationship that lead him to the place where he’s a fulfilling husband, but of course, there’s no way for the woman to know that unless she really talks to her hubby.

Would you be offended if your spouse used their ex's name as a password?

Crying Caucasian woman clutching pillow wiping tears

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