Video Of Elderly Couple Reuniting After COVID Hospitalization Is Adorable

90 year old Joyce and Don Hoffman married when they were 23 back in 1952 and have never been apart for more than a few days during their 67-year marriage. Then Joyce came down with COVID-19 and had to be admitted to the local hospital in Indianapolis. Don wasn't allowed in to see her for a month!

He was so worried that he would never get to see her again! Fortunately, Joyce beat the Coronavirus and was able to return home to their assisted living facility. The employees there decided to throw a welcome home party!The video of them reuniting is awesome!

They were so happy to see each other that they kept kissing each others hands. Now the 90-year-old lovebirds are thrilled to be back together. Their granddaughter says they couldn’t stop holding hands and staff helped lift Joyce up to embrace Don.

“You look so wonderful beautiful,” he said to his wife. And she replied, “How can you be so cute?”

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