Donald Trump Just "Liked" A Tweet For The 1st Time & It's A Shocker

President Donald Trump’s Official Twitter Account Just Liked A Tweet.

This has never happened. There's only one tweet liked by his account. The internet is coming up with all kinds of theories as to what it means.

The tweet is from someone with the handle @shiningheaux. They have 384 followers. Their screen name is Black Lives Matter.

The tweet is about the HBO show “Insecure.” The show focuses on the experience of a young black woman, Issa Dee, as she navigates love, life and her career. Issa is played by the show’s co-creator Issa Rae.

The tweet Trump’s account liked is about Issa’s often rocky friendship with Molly (Yvonne Orji). It seems to express a sincere desire that these two women will finally get along. It shows the clapping scene of two kids from “The Color Purple.”

How did the President even see this tweet? Was it an accident? Is he telling us something?

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