NASCAR Star Passes Out In Middle Of Interview

Yesterday NASCAR was racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The driver of the legendary #43 car (made famous by Richard Petty) is Bubba Wallace. Bubba is also the eighth African American driver to compete in NASCAR history. So with all that's been going on the past week with the Black Lives Matter protests around the country, there was a lot of attention on Bubba.

He finished 21st and as he was getting out of the ride he passed out! That's not common, but for NASCAR drivers who lose so much sweat in a race, it's also not uncommon either. It's rarely caught on camera though. Then they rehydrate and are back to their old selves.

But as Bubba was explaining to the Fox reporter that he was fine, his eyes seemed to roll back like the Undertakers before hitting a tombstone piledrive.

NBC reports that Bubba was treated by the Emergency Medical personnel at the track and released shortly afterwards. Bubba joked about it in a tweet last night.

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