The Average American Makes Thousands Of Excuses Each Year.

According to a new survey that was commissioned by Cerave skincare and conducted by One Poll

  • The average American makes six excuses daily, which results in 2,190 excuses each year.
  • 35% of people make daily excuses to avoid exercising, while a third will make an excuse to avoid eating healthy.

Among the other things people make excuses for:

  • 33% have an excuse to run that errand next week.
  • 32% make an excuse for not having time to work out.
  • 31% claim they don’t have energy to cook a healthy meal.
  • 40% make excuses for buying something they didn’t need.
  • 36% make an excuse for binge watching TV.
  • 34% make excuses for not cleaning once a month.

As for what are the most common excuses people use for not doing what they should be doing, they include:

  • I’m too tired (49%)
  • I don’t have enough money (48%)
  • I don’t have enough time (48%)
  • It’s too inconvenient (31%)
  • I’m too forgetful (28%)

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