SC 3rd Best State For Military Retirees.

South Carolina loves it's military members! And we love them when they retire as well. It turns out military retirees love SC as well. WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on their ability to provide a comfortable military retirement. They used 29 key metrics, ranging from veterans per capita to number of VA health facilities to job opportunities for veterans.

Overall the top 5 in order were;

1 Virginia

2 Florida

3 South Carolina

4 Maryland

5 New Hampshire

In the 3 different demos Massachusetts came in #1 for Health Care. Quality Of Life top rank went to Maryland and the Economic Environment top spot went to Alabama.

SC ranked #2 for most job opportunities for vets and #1 for most vet owned businesses.

You can see the entire WalletHub study here.

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