Restaurant Owner Buys Mom New Oven To Help Autistic Son

A California teen with autism and his single mom received a wonderful gift from the owners of a McDonand’s franchise.Francine Mundt’s 18-year-old son,Logan, loves McDonald’s, especially their chocolate chip cookies, and when locations in their area stopped selling them recently, she reached out to the head office to see when they would be back. Logan is a huge fan of the chain and eats there every single day and not having his favorite cookies was hard for him to handle.

A few days later, Francine got a call from Brad Horner, who owns multiple McDonald’s restaurants in southern California with his brothers, dad, and uncle. He asked how he could help and offered to deliver the cookies to her home personally. When he learned her gas oven was broken, he and his brothers arranged for a new one to be delivered so she could bake the five dozen cookies they brought for her son.

“We saw someone who seemed like she could use a break and we wanted to do our part to help,” Brad explains. “You never know what people are going through or when you have a chance to help make someone’s day. Also, people need to eat more cookies.”

Photo courtesy of Francine Mundt with her son Logan

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