Modern Family Star Chopped Off Part Of Her Hand...And Threw It AWAY!

Ariel Winter was hospitalized this week after a serious cooking accident.

The Modern Family actress told Access Hollywood that she’d been preparing a meal when she accidentally sliced off the top of her thumb. Despite the painful incident, the star has a sense of humor while telling the story. Winter says she and her boyfriend Luke Benward had been conversing and cooking Greek food at home when she became distracted while slicing vegetables with some newly-purchased kitchen knives.

"I sliced the top of my thumb off on a peeled tomato," Winter admitted. "We were talking, and I sliced right through and we were both like, Oh my God!' I was so shocked."

The blood splatter was out of control, because she’d hit an artery.

She stood there gushing blood in shock and thankfully Benward was able to wrap it in a cloth get her into his car, retrieve the chopped portion of her thumb and rushed his girlfriend to the hospital.

Sadly they weren't able to reattach it. Then after she was stitched up a nurse gave her thumb-nub back to her. "She actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn't tell me it was the tip of my thumb, too. So I accidentally threw it away. I had to go back in and ask what was in that plastic bag that you gave me? It's funny now."

After undergoing a tetanus shot, Winter says she’s “fine” now. "I sliced the top of my thumb off and it's sad. I will have a mildly sad looking thumb and it's OK."

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