Weird Gifts That Mom Will Love For Mothers Day

Mothers Day is this Sunday. People are being told to avoid visiting your parents if they are over 65 since the CDC reports that over eighty percent of the deaths from COVID-19 are from people in that age group. Then the other problem is that most stores aren't open around the country, so if you can't visit them or get them something at the store what do you do?

Huffington Post created a list of "Weird Gifts That Are Perfect For Mothers Day". Some of the strange but loveable gifts available for mom this year include a Dog Face mask that wraps around and allows mom to showcase her favorite pooch while also being socially distant. You can also make Mom’s dream to life come true with a wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian’s large butt. There's also a really cool alien salt and pepper shaker available to wrap. 

If mom enjoys the outdoors, you may want to consider a really cool pocket chainsaw that cuts right through. And finally, what goes better with chili dog earings than a nice set of pickle wine bottle stoppers. 

I don't think my mother would like any of these but there's a chance she would like one of the ideas. The "Grilled Chicken" painting which can be bought here.

Grilled Chicken painting

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