Dollar Stores Mask Policy Gets One Tissued And Another Killed!

Yesterday a 68 year old man was arrested in Holly Michigan after video surveillance from Saturday showed him being told by a female employee at the Dollar Tree that he needed to wear a mask in their store. He turned around walked back to her and wiped his nose on her shirt while she stood there shocked. The un named man said "Here, I will just use this as a mask," the suspect said as he wiped his face on her.

On Friday at a Family Dollar store in Flint Michigan a 43 year old security guard was shot in the head by a family of 3 for attempting to enforce the stores face mask policy according to CNN. The guard named Calvin Munerlyn had told 23 year old Ramonyea Bishop that he needed a mask in their store. Ramonyea's mother, 45 year old Sharmel Teague took exception to this. Ramonyea left, but his mother continued arguing. She left a few minutes later with her son in an SUV. The same SUV returned about 20 minutes later with her husband 44 year old Larry Teague and his step son Ramonyea. Witnesses say Larry was yelling about Calvin disrespecting his wife. Surveillance footage shows Ramonyea then produced a weapon and fatally shot Calvin in the head.

Police are now looking for the 2 men. In addition to the murder charge, Ramonyea Bishop also faces charges of felony firearm and carrying a concealed weapon, the prosecutor's office said. Larry Teague also faces two felony firearm-related charges, one charge of a felon in possession of a firearm and one charge of carrying a concealed weapon,

Sharmel is in custody and facing a felony firearm charge.

Below is the footage of the 68 year old wiping his nose

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