"Sidewalk Susan" Washes Away Girls Chalk Drawings

A woman is being dubbed “Sidewalk Susan” for taking the fun out of a kid’s project.

The viral video shows “Susan” power washing a child’s chalk art away as the young girl watches, crying. “Susan” comments “We don’t want to have to look down at this mess.” The girl was trying to post encouraging messages about overcoming COVID 19 like "we're all in this together".

It appears that this happened in an apartment building parking lot rather than a sidewalk. It's not clear if Sidewalk Susan works there or is just a resident.

A woman can be heard defending her daughter and telling the woman to look away if she doesn’t want to see the mess. “We live here,” Sidewalk Susan says back while continuing to erase the artwork.

Needless to say, the social media universe is strongly against “Sidewalk Susan”. many commenters noted that sidewalk chalk art is a big thing right now and that even adults are into it.

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