Teacher Uses Stimulus Money To Pay Students Utility Bills

Kent Chambers has been teaching math at Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama since 1986 and feels fortunate to still be working during the coronavirus. He may not be in the classroom, but he knows some of his students’ families are struggling, so he’s happy to be able to help out.

He and his wife are using some of their stimulus payment for those in need. They used $600 to pay the utility bills for three of his students. He even paid next months as well for them. The couple is also donating $600 to the burn care center at Shriners Hospital for Children - Cincinnati because they helped care for his niece after she was hurt in a fire.

“There’s no need for me to take the money and splurge and do something reckless with it,” Chambers says. “Let’s help somebody that really needs it.”

Here's Kent's work bio with e-mail address.

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