Bride Declines Her Friends "Gift" To Sing At Wedding. Friend Not Happy

Saying no to a friend is never easy, especially when that friend thinks they are doing you a big favor that you don’t want at all, and that’s exactly the situation this bride-to-be recently found herself in.

A woman shares on Reddit that after her fiancé proposed, her friend offered to sing at the wedding, which the bride was definitely not down for. “She has a very gospel-ly kinda voice but as awful as it sounds all I think when she sings is ‘this is warbly’ and I have to fight to keep a straight face,” the bride shares. “She’s not awful, but it’s really not my cup of tea."

When the friend asked her directly why she hadn’t requested her to sing at the wedding, the bride told her she wanted her there in a “friend capacity,” not to “work,” but the friend would have none of it, and insisted on “gifting” them a song for their first dance. The bride and groom politely declined, but now the bride says she’s being made out to be the bad guy, with friends telling her she should “give her the platform,” and telling the bride she’s being “bad friend and an [expletive], and that I’m being selfish."

  • But folks on Reddit have assured the bride she is not at all being selfish, and she isn’t in the wrong.
  • "The second anybody you know hears about your wedding, they’re going to start telling you what to do," one commenter notes. "But it’s YOUR wedding and if you don’t want your first dance to be sang by someone whose voice you don’t care for, you have every right to do something else.”
  • Others suggest the friend has ulterior motives. "She's not gifting you her voice, she wants the attention and for all your guests to hear her," another writes. "She's not doing this for you, she's doing this for her.” 
Bride and the song.

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