This Is The Time Of The Day Parents Can Relax.

A new survey finds:

  • Parents spend so much time entertaining their kids, cooking meals and clearing up after the family that they don’t usually get a chance to relax until 8:39 pm.
  • Jobs that parents must get done before they can relax include
    • Cleaning the kitchen
    • Putting the kids to bed
    • Starting the laundry
  • And parents aren’t really relaxing during their downtown, with one in six saying the use that time to do even more chores.
  • In fact, 80% of parents say they find it hard to relax in an environment that’s not clean, so they spend 43 minutes each evening cleaning before they can even begin to relax.

So, what are some parents doing to try and find more time in the day to relax?

  • Well, 44% say they have started meal planning
  • 29% have resorted to pre-planning their kids’ outfits.
  • 25% have started a family activity log to keep track of what needs to be done.

Not surprising, all these responsibilities are stressing parents out.

  • Most parents say the peak of their family stress hits at 11:54 am.
  • Among the top stressors:
    • Money and financial issues (55%)
    • Keeping the house clean (45%)
    • Not getting enough sleep (39%)
    • Cleaning up after the kids (37%)

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