How Much Do Celebs Make On Tik Tok Videos

TikTok started as a place for regular folks to post videos in hopes of snatching the elusive 15 minutes of fame. Thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, it’s now become a place for us to get a glimpse into the secret lives of celebrities. 

That’s why the good folks at Online Casinoscrunched the numbers and compiled a list of celebrities that we love and how much a single post of theirs is actually worth. For instance, Will Smith is a TikTok winner, bringing in over $107-thousand dollars per post. With over 21-point-5 million followers, it’s easy to see why. 

Here’s a look at the top five TikTokers. For the complete list, clickHERE.

  1. Will Smith [@willsmith] – $107,500 dollars, 21-point-5 million followers
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson[@therock] – $102,000 dollars, 20-point-4 million followers
  3. Liza Koshy[@lizzza] – $101,000 dollars, 20-point-2 million followers
  4. JoJo Siwa[@itsjojosiwa] – $88, 500 dollars, 17-point-7 million followers
  5. Ariana Grande[@arianagrande] – $82,000 dollars; 16-point-4 million followers.

The highest paid person in England on TikTok isn't a celebrity off of TikToc. It's a guy named Harvey Cantwell who is a musician who was the opening act for the Vamps 2019 tour. Yet he's now got over 3 million followers and makes about 16 grand per post!

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