D Day Vet Cries Over The Sweetest Gift

94 year old Ken Benbow is a tough man. First off, as my mom has been saying for years, "getting old isn't for sissies". He is also a WWII vet who stormed the beaches on D Day. He lived with his wife Ada at their home in Lancashire England until she passed away last year after 71 years of marriage.

He then sold their home and moved into Thistleton Lodge Care Home. He's been there for about 5 months.

One of his caretakers, 17 year old Kia Tobin noticed that he took the framed picture of Ada off of his wall every night and slept with it on his pillow. Kia says; "He would take this picture in a metal and glass frame off the wall every night and knowing how important it was I just thought there has to be a better and more comfortable way". She had an idea to take that picture and get it made into a pillow. She was able to get a coworker to upload the photo while she had Ken out of the room.

Ken told local media "Ada was the most wonderful, most caring wife. When I got the cushion it was the most precious thing I could have wished for. We were married for 71 years and it broke my heart when she left me, but now I’ve got her every night in my arms.”

Kia says “Ken is so funny and an amazing person. He loves his wife so much. We talk about relationship goals and Ken is not only my relationship goal, he's my life goal"!

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