Prince Harry Giving Up More For Meghan

Despite previous reports that he and Meghan Markle are in a “better space” since stepping down as senior royals, Harry is apparently finding his new life “a bit challenging” right now.

Harry’s pal Dr. Jane Goodall has shared her thoughts on Harry’s move to Los Angeles in a new interview with the“The Guardian.”She sees some more changes in his future, not only with his career but with some of his hobbies, too. Harry and his brother Prince William used to hunt together, but Goodall says Harry is quitting because Meghan is repulsed by hunting.

Goodall also remembers Harry “hinting” at his plans to step away from the royal family months before the couple made the big announcement. Speaking to“Daily Mail,”Goodall says she made a comment about baby Archie needing to learn “the Queen’s wave.” Harry’s response? “No, he’s not growing up like that,” Goodall recalls.

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