These Are The Best Coronavirus Songs!

I get lots of emails from people sharing meme's, Gifs and songs about all kinds of things. I love them all, so if you ever want to e-mail me something it's simply

Lately it's been all Coronavirus stuff. So I have picked some of my favorites and posted them here so you can simply share this blog if you'd like to share them all with a friend. Easy breezy!

First up is Les Misreable re imagined by the Marsh family of Faversham Kent England. It starts off a bit slow, but by the 2 minute mark it starts to become hysterical.

Next up is Mel Vatz and his wife Claire. Mel has been an attorney in Pittsburgh since 1976 and this is his first ever Youtube video. I thought they may go Archie & Edith on us but decided to go with Simon & Garfunkel "Homeward Bound" and transform it into "We're All Homebound".

In Hong Kong there's a funny lady named Kathy Mak who has taken one of my favorite pop songs of the late 90's "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia and reworked it as "Home"

Chris Mann from Season 2 of the Voice has done an incredible job on Adele's "Hello"

Perhaps my favorite is "I've Gotta Wash My Hands" which is a top notch remake of The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

From Capetown South Africa it's a group called The Kiffness doing the first 90 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody as Lockdown Rhapsody

Do you have others that you thought should be on this list? My email again is I'd love to hear them!

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