Kanye West Has a Urine Garden

Kenye West bought a ranch in Wyoming for 14 million dollars and he just shared his plansfor the six thousand acre property. 

The compound will include orchards, a skate park, and a vegetable garden.

Among its more unique features are something called a “bio pool,” and a series of seven dome-shaped structures that’ll be part of a closed-loop ecology for energy and water capture. However, the most unique of the property is a “urine garden.” The aquaphonic-like system will convert human waste into plant food. 

I have heard of feces as the original fertilizer, but not urine! So I guess I've been feeding the tree in my yard for years!

Mr.Kim Kardashian consulted with architect Claudio Silvestrin and a "light artist" James Turrell on the project.

Kanye West

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