Man Gives A Woman In Line Thousands To Save Her Home

Michael Evans was at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office when an elderly woman ahead of him was crying and telling the cashier that her daughter recently died. The cashier was also in tears, telling the woman her house was in foreclosure and headed for auction.

Evans had recently lost his own father and couldn’t stand the idea of this woman losing her home, so he interrupted. “I don’t mean to butt in,” he told the cashier,” but if y’all can get her house back, I’ll pay the taxes.”

The amount due was $5-thousand and the women were shocked by Evans’ offer. But he went to the bank and returned with a check, so she was able to keep her home. It’s not the first act of kindness he’s done for a member of his community. In 2015, when he saw a story on the news about a local boy with an incurable bone disease, Evans held a fund-raiser at his Detroit Shrimp & Fish restaurant to help pay for the boy’s wheelchair and van. He also donated all the money the restaurant made that day to the boy’s family.

Evans adds, “To be honest, I don’t like putting money in the banks. Doing things with your money is better.”

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