Florist Uses Cancelled Events As An Opportunity

With weddings and events being cancelled and postponed because of COVID-19, Philadelphia florists Katie Robinson and Kerry Fabrizio had lots of blooms they didn’t need, so they decided to share them with the public.

The women headed out to Rittenhouse Square and used over 2000 roses, daises, tulips, and lilies to decorate the park.

They also set up a stand with a thousand more and a sign that says 'Free Flowers'.

“We just want to make people smile,” said Robinson.

Katie & Kerry own Fabufloras in Center City, and their business has been decimated by the cancellations and closures. But instead of letting it keep them down, they wanted to bring others up. So they reached out to their wholesalers to ask if they would donate the unused flowers. The women also contacted six decorators to help them create stunning arrangements for the park on site.

Dozens of people who were walking were shocked to turn a corner and be overwhelmed by the sight of thousands of flowers!

As one walker put it; "I have been in a funk the past few days about my business and how fast everything seems to have changed, but this reminds me that I need to focus on helping others. That's the only way to get out of my funk and the people who did this are so wonderful for giving me and hopefully others that gift"!

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