Wuhan Has Some Good News To Finally Report On COVID-19

There's new hope in the coronavirus fight. The city where it all began hasn't had a case in the past 24 hours. The disease first officially appeared in Wuhan, China in December.

It quickly became an emergency with more than 80-thousand people infected and three-thousand-plus deaths. But it's slowed significantly recently. In fact, Beijing has claimed almost-victory over the virus. Still, the news is not good in Italy, where they’ve have their deadliest day yet.

The country has record an increase of 475 deaths over the course of 24 hours. Overall, the number of confirmed cases has risen by more than four thousand, bringing the total to just over 35-thousand. The overall death toll is nearly three thousand in the country.

Meanwhile here at home, home tests are closer to becoming reality. The testing company Everlywell is adding a COVID-19 test beginning Monday – this is the first company to offer its test directly to consumers. Is it cheap? No. If youlog on to the company’s websiteand after answering a series of questions, the telemedicine doctor decides to prescribe a COVID-19 test, you’ll need to shell out $135. You’ll receive the kit in two days (or overnight if you pay $30 more).

Where does the United States stand with COVID-19?At last check, there are 9415 cases across the United States – with 150 patients succumbing to the illness. Globally, the numbers stand at just over 218-thousand people infected by the virus – with just over 88-hundred dead. On the plus side, more than 84-thousand have recovered (up from the 80-thousand reported two days ago).

It's important to understand that as tests become more available here, there will be a spike in cases. This doesn't mean that COVID-19 is spreading faster, it's just finally being reported.

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