Men in Japan Are Doing Something Insane To Avoid Coronavirus

Here's a video on Twitch TV of a Twitch user named Cjaysan walking around Japan asking people about the coronavirus. About 1 hour 22 minutes into it he comes upon some guys wearing masks. There have been a lot of people in the video wearing masks up to this point, but these masks are different. He decides to ask them about their uniquely styled masks and one of the guys responds “Panty. This is panties.”

“Where did you get that? Is that from your girlfriend?”

“No. No girlfriend,” the man said. Well isn't that shocking?!?!

Not only are these guys wearing panties on their face despite the World Health Organization screaming for weeks that even regular masks do nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, there's actually a company selling "masks designed to look like panties". Yes! The Pantsu mask is marketed in Japan because you don't want to look like everyone else. You "wear" Pantsu mask just like regular facial mask to keep germs from spreading. Handmade in cotton, the design is also reversible so you can wear stripes or polka-dots, depending on your mood.

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