Dad kicks girl out of slumber party and Mom says he overreacted.

A dad writes on Reddit that his daughter had a slumber party and he instantly noticed that one of the girls didn’t quite fit in with the others. He notes, “I could tell from her attitude, that she was a spoiled brat.” He says that when she walked in she didn’t greet him or his wife at all and was just looking down. His daughter explained she was a “super duper cool girl” .

Things got worse as the night progressed. The dad said he noticed the cool girl made comments about every gift his daughter received, acting “unimpressed,” and she particularly made the girl feel bad about the iPhone the parents got her because it wasn’t the latest model. Later the daughter seemed upset about the phone, but the dad found out it was because the snobby girl kept sending her mean texts calling the party “lame” and saying she wished she could “go home." 

So, that’s when the dad took action. At about 1 am he pulled the snobby girl out of the room and had the girl call her parents to pick her up. And while the girl seemed upset about it, the dad believed it was in the best interest of everyone that she just goes.

Dad believes he made the right move, but his wife thinks he overreacted, and the Internet is conflicted on who is right.

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