Yorkshire Terrier Saves Girl Despite Being Shot Twice!

They say it's not the size of the dog in the fight it's the size of the fight in the dog. That’s definitely true of Starla, the Yorkshire terrier, who protected a young girl from home intruders even after being shot!

Dion Ewing was at work but her 2 year old dog was in her South Fulton, Georgia home with her 12 year old niece when robbers broke down the door around 3pm. The girl didn't answer the door because she saw on the Ring doorbell that they looked like bad guys. They didn't see a car in the driveway and when no one answered assumed that no one was home, so they kicked it in.

Starla barked and ran at them. One of the punks pulled a gun and shot her in the front left leg.She gathered herself and hobbled forward again and then he shot her again this time hitting her back leg as she jumped at him.

While this was happening, the girl was able to escape through the garage and despite Starla’s injuries, she chased the robbers to keep them from hurting the girl. The intruders then got in their car and sped away.

“This little thing right here,” Starla’s proud owner says. “It’s just the best little guard dog. And those guys...they’re cowards. If you know anything, please turn them in.”

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