How Much Influence Does Social Media Influencer's Really Have

We hear a lot about influencers these days, but just how effective are they at actually influencing people? A new report looked at just that and the results are pretty interesting.

The study by Cassadra’s looked at consumers from Gen Z and Millennials, ages 14 to 34, to find out whether or not influencers really have an impact on folks purchasing behavior. First off, the survey asked what prompts people to follow specific influencers. It found:

  • 89% look for an influencer that seems like a nice person.
  • 86% are interested in those who aren’t just trying to sell them something.
  • 86% want an influencer to make their day better or improve their mood.
  • 85% are interested in following influencers who are trying to make the world better, or are people they’d want to hang out with.

When it comes to the influence those influencers have on folks' purchasing behavior, for the most part, those who follow an influencer in a certain category, like a beauty influencer or a fashion one, will be influenced to make purchases in that area, but apparently they are influenced in other areas as well. For example:

  • 79% of those who follow beauty influencers are likely to buy beauty and grooming products, but another 67% will buy fashion and style products, and 63% will buy health and wellness.
  • 60% of those who follow design influencers will be motivated to make interior design purchases, but another 52% will make travel purchases, and 51% will buy meditation and mindfulness products.
  • Fashion and lifestyle influencers will motivate 80% of their followers to make beauty and grooming purchases, and another 74% to make fashion and style purchases and another 68% to make books and literature purchases.
  • And 64% of those who follow video game influencers will make video game purchases, while another 58% will make tech purchases and 49% will spend money in restaurants.

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