Researchers announce the age that people are happiest

While the thought of getting older may be depressing to a lot of people, new research suggests that’s good reason to look forward to our later years. In fact, research by Daniel Levitin, revealed in his book, “The Changing Mind: A Neuroscientist's Guide To Ageing Well,” suggests that people reach their happiest at age 82.

“The average peak age of happiness across 72 countries is aged 82 and I think we can push that out another ten years if we can combat ageism as well as with medical technology,” Levitin shares. “We tend to think of ageing as this process starting at birth and if you're lucky you get to keep doing it.” He adds, “'Ageing is everyone's favorite alternative to death.”

Levitin’s study also suggests that despite current beliefs, folks mental function can also improve as they age, noting “we now have strong evidence in the last ten years that a number of brain faculties actually get better, right on up till the end.” Another thing that could be adding to older people’s happiness is that they not only become more empathetic as they get older, they become better equipped at dealing with challenges.

So how can improve our chances at happiness as we get older. Levitin suggests some tips including:

  • Don’t’ retire- this will allow your mind to stay stimulated by something meaningful.
  • Exercise– helps produce a natural happy high.
  • Try new things– helps promote promote cognitive activity.
  • Moderation and variety– in food and drink to have a balanced lifestyle.
  • Keep your social circle exciting– meeting new people helps engage the brain.

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