Bride disinvited guest who had miscarriage because it could steal attention

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more disgusted by a selfish bride’s behavior, this story is bound to leave you speechless. A woman, who sadly had a miscarriage this past October, shared a text exchange with a so-called friend who basically demanded she tell everyone about the loss of her baby before the wedding or not come at all.

In the exchange, the horrible bride asked if she was still coming to the wedding but suggested she shouldn’t, noting, "I don't mean to be harsh, but I thought you'd be over what happened by now." It seems the bride is overly concerned that guests are going to be asking the OP about why she isn’t pregnant, or how she’s doing, explaining, “I don't want them distracted from making me feel special.” The bride even suggested the woman announce the news of her lost baby over Facebook and had the nerve to add, about the baby, “it’s not like you knew her.”

Well, the bride doesn’t have to worry about the OP taking away from her special day, because not only does the OP have no intention of coming to the wedding but the friendship is over as well. "[D]on't worry about me being at the wedding because we won't be friends,” she wrote back. She noted she was glad to find out the bride was “trash now so I don't waste any more time speaking to you,” adding, “Tell [redacted] I'll see him at the divorce party.”

As you can imagine, folks on the Internet couldn’t believe the nerve of this bride.

  • "It's not like you knew her oh my God, what a piece of [expletive]!" one person wrote, while another added, "My heart is absolutely pounding in my chest. I cannot believe how cruel this woman is."
  • A third person offered, “OMG I hope the fiancé reads that garbage and runs for the hills! What pathetic excuse for a human being! It was a baby not a goldfish!"

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