The reason you don't have a 6 hour workday

According to a new survey:

  • Most employees do about 10 non-work related tasks in the office each day.
  • Employees admit they could probably finish their work in as little as six hours, but are usually too busy to even go outside.

So, what type of non-work related tasks are folks doing?

  • Well half say they will regularly check the weather instead of working.
  • 70% have researched and booked a vacation.
  • Folks admit sending 30% of their day browsing social media, printing personal documents and buying concert tickets.
  • 37% have checked the menu of a restaurant they’re going to be dining at.
  • Other non-work related tasks done in the office include:
    • Checking your bank balance
    • Book vacation
    • Paying a bill
    • Clothes shopping
    • Booking a doctor or dentist appointment
    • Texting friends
    • Facebooking
    • Working on insurance issues
    • Organizing a night out with friends
    • Checking online menus

So, what are the consequences of all this non-work-related activity?

  • 25% of employees say they’ve received “a slap on the wrist” from their bosses.
  • 10% have missed an important work deadline.
  • Another 10% say they’ve been fired for doing too much personal business at the office.

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