Win Granger Smith Tickets By Knowing This Trivia Answer At 7:10

At 7:10 this morning we're going to ask a nearly impossible trivia question. The answer is below. If you're the 9th caller to 803-978-9267 (978-WCOS) after we ask it on the air with the answer we'll give you a 4 pack of tickets to see Granger Smith Thursday night at the Senate. If you want to buy tickets now here's the link.

Question: Name this popular candy that was named after the inventors daughter.

Answer: Tootsie Rolls.

Tootsie Rolls were named in 1896 after creator Leo Hirshfield’s five-year-old daughter whose nickname was “Tootsie” (her real name was Clara Hirshfield). Hirshfield set out to create a chocolate that wouldn’t melt easily and eventually came up with the artificial “chocolate” candy the tootsie roll. This ability to not melt easily and to use artificial ingredients that weren’t being rationed during war times proved a huge boon for the company as it eventually began being included in all soldier’s rations during WWII. The low price of the artificial ingredients also made it a popular treat during the depression along with the tootsie pop.

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