In Laws Gift Honeymoon Trip And Then Decide To Join The Newlyweds

A women shares on Reddit that she and her hubby were shocked to find out that his parents, who gifted them an all-inclusive honeymoon, decided to go with them on the trip. If that’s no bad enough, which it is, the women says her in-laws expected them to do everything together, including eating three meals a day with them.

“We’ve tried telling them we wanted 'alone time' for our honeymoon," she notes. "And they shrugged us off saying that’s what our room is for.” The woman adds that when her husband tried to tell his parents they had gone too far going on the trip, the parents blew him off. “They told us that they paid for this whole thing," she adds. "And that as adults 'we’re allowed to take holidays at the same time to the same place'.”

As you can imagine, folks on Reddit were not at all okay with the parents taking the honeymoon with them.

  • One person called the parent’s actions ““a seriously sketchy move,” adding, “you’re under no obligation to make your honeymoon about them.”
  • Another suggested they hop on a train to the next resort town and “have a real honeymoon,” which the bride later shared that they did.
  • “Our train should be arriving in our final station in the next 30 mins, we’ve found a hotel that’s able to take us tonight,” she writes, “and we are very excited about the next four days.” 

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