A Single Dad is Working To Wipe Out School Lunch For Entire City

A single dad in Wichita, Kansas is on a mission to wipe out school lunch debt in his area. Joshua Dedeaux has two kids and says money is tight, but he started a fundraiser on social media to raise money to pay off overdue lunch accounts for schools in the district. Wichita Public Schools, which has racked up $350-thousand in school lunch debt!

Joshua started the fundraiser with a $500 donation himself. "No kid should ever have to worry about where their next meal will come from,” Dedeaux says. “I’m not the best off financially … but I think you have to set your heart on something and you just have to go with it.”

The dad is challenging other parents to try to give a few dollars to students’ lunch accounts. He points out, “We have almost half a million people in Wichita, if everybody chipped in with 50-cents or a dollar, I’m sure we could knock it out.”

He's raised about $70,000 so far. He's having another fundraiser right now trying to get another $10,000. You could donate here.

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