How much should you pay a babysitter on Valentine's Day

Finding a babysitter to watch the kids on Valentine’s Day doesn’t come cheap, and in case you missed it, reveals which folks will be paying the most to have someone watch their rugrats so they can get their romance on. 

According to the site:

  • On average, parents are willing to pay about $17.11 an hour for a babysitter.
  • Babysitters in Seattle make the most money, about $19.53 an hour.
  • Shockingly, sitters in Buffalo, New York make the second-highest amount, $19.25.

Top Five Most Expensive Cities For Valentine’s Babysitters

  1. Seattle, WA ($17.11)
  2. Buffalo, NY ($19.53)
  3. San Francisco, CA ($19.08)
  4. San Jose, CA ($18.77)
  5. New York, NY ($18.72)

As for the cheapest babysitters, they can be found in Jacksonville, Florida, where they charge only about $14.36 an hour.

Top Five Least Expensive Cities For Valentine’s Babysitters

  1. Jacksonville, FL ($14.36)
  2. Raleigh, NC ($14.59)
  3. Las Vegas, NV ($15.70)
  4. Cleveland, OH ($15.77)
  5. Columbus, OH ($15.82)

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