Romance Is Dead For Most Parents

Most parents will tell you they rarely have time for themselves, let alone time for romance, and according to a new poll, couples really aren’t getting enough time together without the kids.

A new survey finds:

  • The average parent hasn’t been on a romantic date in more than three years.
  • 30% of parents with kids ages five to 18 don’t even remember the last date they went on.
  • And parents definitely aren’t happy about it, with 81% saying they need to have more date nights.

There’s no doubt kids can certainly put a damper on romance.

  • In fact, 70% of parents say the romance decreased once kids came into the picture.
  • What’s more, 53% miss the freedom they had before children.
  • Among the things they miss most about their pre-kid life:
    • Spending quality time with their partner (45%)
    • Going out on dates with their partner (44%)
    • Having less responsibility (40%)
    • Having more sex (39%)
    • Sleeping in (36%)

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