Girl Dresses Up As Dad For Superhero Day

An elementary school in Colorado held a dress as your favorite superhero day and for 11-year-oldAubrey Archuleta, deciding who to dress as was a no-brainer. The girl didn’t want to be Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, she dressed up as her dad,Brian Hills.

Brian posted about it on Facebook.

My daughter dressed as me this morning she’s supposed to dress as her favorite superhero for school today.

I began to gave her ideas, but she immediately interrupted and said: ‘No, I wanna dress as you, Dad.’

She pieced the whole thing together herself and completely nailed it. BEST DAD MOMENT EVER!!

When asked why she chose her dad as her favorite superhero, Aubrey explains, “Dads should always be a girl’s superhero.” And her dad couldn’t be more excited and proud about her choice.

“My heart figuratively exploded. I felt I had reached the pinnacle of Dad-ness,” Brian says. “Being a parent has its inherent challenges at times. I think all parents just want to know they’re doing something right. This was that moment for me.”

Photo Courtesy of Brian Hills

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