Couple Asks For Gifts From People Not Invited To Their Wedding

A bride and groom have been slammed on social media after the bride sent a note to folks who were not invited to the wedding asking them to chip in for the couple’s honeymoon. 

“As much as we’d love you to attend, sadly our venue can’t accommodate everyone,” the note began. “We are sure to keep you in our hearts in this celebration of love.” Shockingly, they then added, “if you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon.”

As you can imagine, folks on social media let this greedy couple have it.

  • “People are so greedy these days and it's shameful,” one person noted, with another adding, “This is so tacky. Why would I send them something if I’m not even invited."
  • Another commented: "Why do people think anyone else gives a s**t about their honeymoon? Everyone is struggling, so if you can't afford to have a bit wedding, don't. The entitlement is mind-boggling." 

Source: The Mirror

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