Students open free pantry to help fellow students

A pair of high school seniors in Idaho have started a project that will continue to help their classmates for years to come. Gabriella Bobadilla and Dayana Medellin have opened the Bronco Food and Hygiene Pantry at Blackfoot High School and it’s stocked with personal items and healthy food to help any students in need.

Gabriella says they noticed several of their friends were struggling with basic things like food and beauty supplies. "If I and others have more than we can use and they don't have enough it seems stupid that we wouldn't share it with them".

They got permission from the school to set up a small room as a free pantry for kids in need. The pantry is located in the school’s counseling center and students can come pick up items before, during, or after school, no questions asked. And they’re even creating basic recipes to show which items to grab to make a healthy meal at home.

The girls realized quickly that the need was more than they could handle. So they started asking for donations from people outside the school. They got donations of food, money, and gift cards to help fill the shelves with everything they needed by handing out flyers in front of area grocery stores.

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