Woman’s Chipotle Hack Gets You A Meal For Just $4

When Chipotle burritos start at about $6.50, and you’re on a budget...you might think you’d have to skip ‘em. You’d be wrong. A gal going bySop on TikTokhas a hack for getting a meal at Chipotle for just $3.95. If that got your attention, you’re not alone – tons of people are freaking out.

Sop – aka Sophia – starts by ordering a kid’s meal cheese quesadilla. Why?It comes with three sides.She also gets salsas – but you have to order them after the sides –so they don’t count as sides themselves.Once she shells out her $3.95, Sop opens up the quesadilla...and fills it with the rice, beans, and fajita veggies she got as sides, it’s a lot of food with the chips and salsa.

The video has been viewed millions of times, but not everyone’s buying it. Some say the kids meals only come with two sides and some say the kid’s taco meal is a better option because it comes with two tortillas and three sides, but it’s $4.75. Either way, that’s a cheap meal at Chipotle...just remember that guac is always extra.

Here's the video

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