Stranger Donates Kidney To Bus Driver's Wife

A woman from Indianapolis who was in need of a life-saving kidney got one from a complete stranger who was riding her husband’s bus.Joyce Smith was with a group of friends for a bachelorette party. Their original plans fell through and at the last second they ended up on Rex Scott’s Brew Tour Bus. He wasn’t even supposed to be driving that day, but his employee called in sick. As he was wrapping up their tour and he cracked a joke about taking a kidney as a tip.

Turns out, his wife,Valerie Scott, has been battling polycystic kidney disease for seven years and needed a transplant. But she needed much more than just a willing donor but a match in both blood type and six antigens! Smith had been tested to be a donor for a friend who wasn’t healthy enough to be on the list. She had the results of the test on her phone and sent them immediately to Valerie's doctor, and was a match!

Joyce says; “God picked out the best person. He knew what he was doing that whole time. It wasn’t a stranger in God’s eyes.”

Valerie added; “Whether you believe in God or not, someone had a hand in this. There’s no way this would have worked out otherwise".

Source WISH TV

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