Man apologizes for faking Coronavirus on flight

The NY Post has a story about 28 year old James Potok of Ontario Canada who pretended he had the coronavirus while flying from Toronto to Jamaica.

“About mid-way through the flight, I stood up, pulled my video camera out — I was going to post it to Instagram, send it to 6ixbuzz so it goes viral. I looked around, I said ‘can I get everybody’s attention please’ and … I followed up by saying, word-for-word, I said, ‘I just came back from Hunan province, the capital of the coronavirus … I’m not feeling too well. Thank you.’”

The pilot made a decision to turn around and return to Toronto. The guy was booed off the flight into the arms of the authorities. James was arrested and charged with mischief and a breach of recognizance after doctors determined he was free of symptoms.

He wants to apologize for ruining the vacations for everyone else who was escaping the Canadian winter for some Jamaican sun.

However James also thinks it will help his career as an aspiring rapper/social media star. "It's still great publicity"!

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