SC Has 3 Of The 6 Most Dangerous Roads In USA Including 1 In Columbia!

The 6 most dangerous stretches of road in America are

1) I-85 at Pelham Rd Greenville SC

2) I-95 at Harlem River NYC

3) I-85 at 385 Greenville SC

4) I-65 at I-94 Minneapolis MN

5) I-95 at Sedgwick Bronx NY

6) Two Notch Rd at Trenholm

This is from a report published by Go Safe Labs. The Two Notch Trenholm stretch goes up till about Alpine Rd.

From their press release; 2019 top 10 crash ‘hotspots’ include heavily trafficked areas such as the George Washington Bridge crossing in NYC, but also reveal a series of unexpected hotspots in South Carolina.

Houston continued to see the most accidents in 2019, followed by Charlotte and Los Angeles.

That's right not only is SC the most dangerous state in America for driving but if you happen to be heading north you're driving into the 2nd worst city in America for accidents!

Buckle up! But this isn't anything new for us as I found this news report from 7 years ago when we were the most dangerous state for driving then!

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