Family survives one month lost in the jungle.

A family was on business/vacation trip to Colombia when the dad had to go to a meeting. The mother and her three children went to tour part of the jungle. They got off the trail and couldn't find their way back! The kids, ages 14, 12, and 10, and the 40-year-old mom survived by eating wild fruits and berries after getting lost in the jungle on vacation. The unnamed mother says that it was so hot that they had to drink fresh water almost constantly!

The family, who was first reported missing on December 19th, was found by members of the indigenous Secoya community. That's a tribe in Peru! They had wandered into another country! The tribe contacted Peruvian authorities who couldn't get equipment there so they were eventually rescued by the Colombian Navy! They are being treated for malnourishment and minor injuries at a local hospital.

The Dad said he felt like God told him to keep praying. "Don't give up hope. I'm with them and you will see them soon. But after a few weeks I really started to doubt and then God sent a stranger who simply said "Keep praying for them". I knew that was a message from Him to me. I trusted Him and told others that had given up that God was about to shock everyone. They looked at me like I was a pitiful fool who was delusional, but I knew. Today God fulfilled His promise and proven Himself as someone who still does miracles"!

Source Daily Mail

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