Possessed Elsa Doll Has Ben Haunting Family Since 2013

A Houston woman recently took to social media to complain about her daughter’s Elsa doll, which not only starts singing on its own even when switched off, but has also returned after being thrown away multiple times.

Emily Madonia recalls that the problematic Elsa doll became a part of her family’s life on Christmas 2013, as a gift for her daughter. It recited several lines from the Disney animation blockbuster “Frozen,” as well as the iconic song “Let It Go” when a small button was pushed on her necklace. Everything was fine for two years, but in 2015, she started alternating between English and Spanish, when before she had only recited lines in English. Then it started singing and speaking randomly, even when her switch was turned off, but the family brushed it off as some sort of glitch or wiring problem. But things got really weird late December, when Emily decided to throw the doll out with the trash, and it somehow kept coming back…

After their Elsa doll came back the second time, they decided to take a different approach, so they decided to send it to an “online running friend” in Minnesota without a return address so that he couldn’t mail it back. The “haunted” doll allegedly laughed for 30 seconds as Emily prepared the box, which had never happened before.

Earlier this month, Madonia announced that the doll had reached Chris Hogan, in Minnesota, and that he taped her to the brush guard of his Jeep, just to be sure. But if she somehow breaks loose, he plans to weld it into a steel pipe and sink it in Lake of the Woods.

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