Millennial's admit that being 'plant parents' is too much pressure

A new poll of Millennials finds:

  • 70% consider themselves “plant parents.”
  • 67% say caring for a plant is a bigger challenge than they expected.
  • It’s such a commitment that half of Millennials don’t own a plant because it’s too much of a challenge.
  • The pressure to take care of plant is so high that half would rather have root canal than take care of a plant.

And apparently there’s good reason to worry...

  • 22% are hesitant to own a plant because they’ve killed one in the past.
  • The average plant parent has killed seven plants.

So, what are the biggest challenges to being a plant parent?They include:

  • The proper sunlight needed (50%)
  • How much water is needed (46%)
  • Whether the plant is an indoor or outdoor one (43%)
  • The importance of pruning plants (34%)
  • How easy it is to kill a plant (30%)

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