Joy Behar is getting slammed for comments on Whoopie's hair.

Joy Behar is taking heat from the Twitterverse. Woke fans have taken issue with a comment she made last week about her “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s hair.

During last Wednesday’s episode,Sir Patrick Stewart came on the show to personally invite Goldberg to join the new “Star Trek” series. After some celebration, Behar grabbed Goldberg’s dreadlocks and joked about whether she would have to “take the hair thing off” for the show.

There was some laughter from the other hosts, but the Twitterverse isn’t happy at all – some even calling Behar “racist.” User Leslie Mac says that even if Goldberg doesn’t care, the moment was still “disgusting.”

Joy is shocked that she doesn't get a lib pass, but no ma'am. Jokes will not be tolerated in this new woke culture and they will cancel anyone who crosses their line.

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