Americans Commutes Are Killing Them!

According to Doctors stress kills about 120,000 Americans per year. And a new survey says one of the biggest contributors to Americans stress levels is their commute to work.

A new survey finds:

  • The average commuter who travels by car will spend 580 minutes traveling to and from work each month.
  • A third of Americans say their commute leaves them stressed out before they even get to work.
  • 27% of workers often complain about their commute.

Of course, one of the biggest stressors of commuting is arriving late to work.

  • In fact, 76% of people feel guilty if they show up even a little bit late for work.
  • The average person considers themselves late if they arrive six minutes past their start time.
  • 48% think they’re late if they arrive any time after their start time.

Of course things can happen on the road to make you late, but that’s not necessarily a good excuse.

  • 25% of people say commuting issues aren’t a valid excuse for being late.
  • Bosses could be to blame for that though, with 26% saying their boss isn’t sympathetic to lateness due to car issues.
  • As for the biggest commuting issues people encounter, they include:
    • Traffic (76%)
    • Flat tire (54%)
    • Dead car battery (54%)
    • Car emergency (27%)
    • Losing car keys (25%) 

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