Driver sees another driver having stroke on I-95 and amazingly saved him!

81-year-old Gene Haynes was on I-95 when he started having a stroke and repeatedly driving into the median. Luckily, Jose Klatter was behind him and sprang into action to help.

Klatter says he saw Haynes speeding, swerving, and slamming into the middle of the road. "I was so certain that I had to do something and I was the only one who could. I just thought it has to be me." Jose pulled his car in front of Haynes and put his back bumper on Gene's front bumper, and slowed down till brought him to a stop.

Gene had emergency surgery the next day to remove a blood clot from his brain and now he has virtually no symptoms from the stroke.

Haynes says "I feel like a miracle. God was watching over me and sent him to protect me. I thank God for this man right here. He not only saved my life but who knows who else I could've killed”!

Source WPTV

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