Man calls cops for store not honoring their mis priced deal.

David Leavitt took to Twitter to complain that a Target in Massachusetts wouldn’t sell him an Oral-B Pro 5000 toothbrush that was priced to sell for a penny. The toothbrush usually sells for about $89, and when he took it to the store’s manager Tori she wouldn’t honor it. In fact, Tori was having none of it, and the expression on her face in his Tweet made her a viral sensation. 

But the saga didn’t end there. It seems Massachusetts has a law that stores must honor pricing even if it’s incorrect, so Leavitt actually called the cops. Officers told him he’d have to sue Target. Leavitt even tried to justify his behavior...but the Twitterverse wasn't interested in his tantrum, or his attempt to shame Tori.

In a shocking twist to David, folks set up aGo Fund Mededicated to raising money so Tori can take a vacation from people like Leavitt…they asked for $5-grand. it’s now up to over $29K.

Check out his posts below and some reactions below:

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