Man saved by neighbors dog

Jose Luis Hernandez had just cashed his paycheck at the bank and had all the cash on him when he headed back to his home in Houston TX. $200 in his front shirt pocket and $700 in his wallet in his back pocket.

He didn’t notice at the time, but now believes thieves followed him home from the bank and a man wearing a red hoodie got out of a black sedan and approached him. But his neighbor’s dog, a small, fiesty pooch named Ace, ran over, barking and nipping at the stranger’s heels. The man then demanded Hernandez’s money and when he refused, he pushed him down a hill. Then Ace went on the attack.

The mugger couldn’t get to Hernandez’s wallet, but snatched the cash from his shirt pocket and ran off. Jose says he knows the attack would’ve been much worse if Ace hadn’t been protecting him and he considers himself lucky.

It pays to be nice to your neighbor and his dog!

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