Internet offended by "Serena Willams Mom" comment.

Naomi Osaka joined Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and other tennis greats in acharity match to benefit Australian bushfire relief efforts. The event raised almost $5 million dollars! 

After the match, Naomi posted a picture of her and Serena and captioned it, “Me and my mom lol.” The trolls took offense at the young phenom’s reference: 

  • “More like big sister,” one person wrote in the comments.
  • “You only have one mom. Serena for sure ain’t mom,” another person stated.
  • “Ain’t she too young to be your mom?” someone else asked. “Older sister works too.” 

Naomi then served up her own clapback with, “I literally would not be here without her. If that’s not some definition of mom idk what is. But sure, get offended by my Internet slang, I guess.”

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